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Responsive Design & Development

We believe a web site is more than just a visually appealing representation of your company. 

Picture of Comuter screen demonstrating Responsive DesignWhile your site needs to be attractive to shape a good first impression, a well designed, informative web site establishes your credibility and encourages a visitor to explore what you have to offer.  Visitors should be able to quickly learn who you are, what you do, and easily find what they need.

While some web design firms use a generic template to create a site, an e-websmart web site is entirely custom. It will be as unique as you!

Through Responsive Web Site Development, your site will be easily viewed through any devise accessing the web including Smartphones, Tablets, and desktop PC’s.   Click HERE to see our Portfolio of Web Site Designs.

We offer three different options for your site:  

  • Informational Sites – These sites are designed to inform and describe with fully functioning pictures, text, forms, video, and audio.  They are also designed for any device accessing the web including PC’s, Smartphones, and tablets.  Your brand will be easily accessible!
  • E-commerce Sites – These include the functionality of an informational site, but also allow you to sell products, services, or subscriptions online.  E-commerce sites typically include electronic transfer, supply chain management, Internet Marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.
  • Micro Sites – These are small Web sites consisting of 1-5 pages with limited functionality.

There are a number of features you receive when choosing to have your Web site created or converted by the e-websmart team:

  • Responsive Design – This feature allows you to have one Web site that automatically adjusts size and resolution for any device including Smartphones, tablets, and desktop PC’s.  Our responsive Web sites have all of the functionality you require within one platform that is easy to edit.
  • Copywriting – One of our professional copywriters will conduct an interview with you to learn about your business and goals.  We will then write original content that captures attention and conveys your message.  We provide copy for every page we develop so you can focus on doing what you do best—running your business!
  • Domain Name & Email Set-Up – We establish and register your Web site address for you and also establish e-mail addresses that correspond with your domain name.
  • Web Hosting – We host your site on enterprise-quality servers that are secure and supported by equipment redundancies, automatic back-ups, and uninterruptible power sources.
  • Training – Every client has access to our proprietary content management system and we provide training so you can change the text on your Web site.  Using the latest “distance learning” software tools, our experienced trainers work with you by phone while simultaneously sharing a computer screen with you in our secure training environment.
  • Search Engine Registration & Optimization - Studies continue to show that if you do not properly manage your SEO, your site will eventually fall or stay behind in rankings and conversions.  e-websmart keeps your site in pace with the ever-changing SEO standards.  Through the use of proven tools, we optimize your site to rank higher in Search Engine results by eliminating duplicate content from Search Engines, automatically informing Search Engines when to update their indexes if a page has moved or a URL has changed, and optimizing your site to the latest SEO standards. These methods allow your site to remain SEO friendly.
  • Optional Enhancement: Blog Integration – For an additional fee, you can add an integrated blog to your site.  This keeps your site fresh and informative by featuring news and articles.  Our blog component features a special home page section to list the titles of your 3 most recent entries, which keeps your home page constantly changing.  The blog page houses all of your posts.  Readers can then interact with you by leaving comments about your posts.

At Age Wise Care Management, our clients expect more from us than technical expertise.  They expect us to understand them and to change with them.  That is what we require in an Internet solutions provider.  e-websmart has the expertise, to be sure. More importantly, they have always understood our complex, continually evolving business.  I have never felt that they were not on the same page, ready with flexible solutions as we grow and expand.  I give them more than my endorsement: I give them my business.  e-websmart has been the web services supplier for Age Wise Care Management for several years.  e-websmart has been ready to grow with us. They are indispensible to our continued success.

Melissa Cronin, MS, LCPC, CRC, CCM, Age Wise Care Management, | Savoy, IL

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