Why Facebook Marketing Does Not Work For Most Users
August 1, 2012 1:56 PM | Tagged as Facebook, social media, social media marketing, social networking, strategy

The author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies has revealed that their are 12 errors that preclude most users from successful marketing on the platform.

Profiles or Pages: You need to have a personal profile and a business page – although they must come from the same account as it is against Facebook’s terms to have more than one login. You’ll lose your friends if you market to them all the time so you need to have that page. You also need the page if you want to run Facebook ads or to create optin opportunities to build your list.
Consistent Posting: Post at the same time every day and make sure you work out the right number of posts for your fanbase. The main reason that people unlike a page is too much posting.
Forgetting to Link Your Personal Profile: You can put where you work in the About section of your personal profile and you can link it to your Business Page.
Lacking Connection: Many people miss the ‘posts by others’ part of the new timeline layout. Underneath the custom apps is a drop down menu which is defaulted to Highlights. Take time to click that and see the ‘posts by others’ – and make sure you respond to them. Communication is the key to turning a fan into a customer.
Not Linking To Your Website on your Business Page: In the About section you can add a clickable link and put a call to action. Make sure that you make it clear how people can do business with you.
Missed Opportunities: The new timeline has made it possible for your fans to communicate with you in a private message. Make sure you enable the feature. You cannot instigate these messages but you definitely should respond to them.
Not Branding Your Page: Your cover image is your chance to really draw attention to your brand and engage your users with new imagery.
Lack of Strategy for Timeline: This is your chance to showcase new products, highlight successes for yourself and your clients. Tell people what is going on. Use links in your status updates to send them to your custom apps where you are promoting events or content that contains an opt in feature.
Lacklustre Custom Apps: Wishywashy imagery on custom apps and not making the most of the opportunity they contain is criminal when they are so vital to your future success. The thumbnail design should tell people what is behind the app. Offer discounts and special offers when people sign up to your list.
Over Automation: Everyone can tell when content has been autoposted so get on there yourself and interact regularly. You can improve your engagement score if you get into conversations with your status updates.
Ignoring Insights: Your insights are the stats that tell you what content is working. If you get good ratings, do some more of the same.
Not Using Facebook Ads: They’re tricky to use but if you have the right product and can target down to those people who really need it, they can be very effective. Don’t always try to target new customers. Existing fans who have bought once are already converts. Market to them with additional products.
So, there we have it, a brief run through of some things that will improve the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing campaigns.

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Is Marketing the New Selling?
March 27, 2012 5:10 PM | Tagged as Brad Farris, Duct Tape Marketing, marketing, social media marketing, social networks, webinar

Business growth advisor, Brad Farris, has partnered with Duct Tape Marketing guru, John Jantsch, to develop a webinar on how to effectively market in the age of social media.  Check out what they have to say. (Click here).  They'll give you great tips on staying current in today's marketplace.

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Facebook Launches "Offers" Program
March 7, 2012 2:16 PM | Tagged as Facebook, Facebook changes, social media, social media marketing, social networks

Facebook is launching new programs and changes that could equate to great things for businesses.  As part of their Premium Ads initiative, they are currently testing a program called Offers. 

Facebook Offers allows businesses to promote discounts that friends can accept with the simplicity of one click.  Users have the option of claiming the offer either from the brand’s Fan Page or from their News Feed.  FB Mobile also supports Offers claims. Once the offer is claimed, the user receives an email with the redemption details.  The email prompts users to share the discount with other Facebook friends.  To redeem Offers, one must merely show the email to store associates.

Facebook Offers is worth a look for business owners.  It’s the newest way to drive traffic to your doors.  Develop an Offer that is clean, simple, and obvious to get your Fan Page buzzing!

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Facebook Makes E-commerce EASY
July 11, 2011 3:51 PM | Tagged as Facebook, social media marketing, social networks

There is no doubt that selling products online makes good business sense.  It’s cost-effective, efficient, and convenient for customers and business owners alike.  If you’re thinking about setting up an e-commerce business, consider how integrating your online sales with your Facebook account can pay off.  Because FB garners more users than Amazon and ebay combined, you’ll be reaping the rewards of that traffic in mere minutes.

Facebook offers business owners two e-commerce options: 1) build a storefront directly in Facebook, or 2) integrate a Web-based storefront with Facebook.  Both options are user-friendly and easy to set up.  The Facebook storefront is the more simplified choice since it limits sales to FB traffic alone.  Web-based options are more comprehensive because they can be integrated with existing Web sites.

If you’re considering adding e-commerce to your marketing plan, remember these key tips:

  • Be selective with products you market on Facebook.  Choose items in high demand or significantly discounted pieces.
  • Be comprehensive with your marketing plan.  Facebook is a great addition to a targeted campaign that includes advertising, promotions, deals, branding, and customer service.
  • Take the necessary steps to assure customers secure purchases.  Build a shopping environment that mirrors the traditional e-commerce experience and utilize recognized secure payment options.

Interested in selling online?  Call e-websmart today and we’ll show you how your Facebook account can be customized to suit your e-commerce needs.

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Facebook Profile: An Often Missed Business Opportunity
June 1, 2011 9:54 AM | Tagged as Facebook, Fan Page, social media marketing, social networks

Are you needlessly missing out on driving traffic to your Facebook Fan Page?  You are if you do not have your Fan Page highlighted in the Employer section of your profile.  All too often business owners skip a few key steps and their employer link is a generic Community Page.

To promote your Fan Page and capitalize on the Facebook traffic that visits your profile, follow these 6 simple steps:

  1. Click Edit Profile > then go to the Education and Work section.
  2. Type in the name of your Fan Page in the Employer field.
  3. When your Fan Page appears in the dropdown menu, select it.
  4. Complete the remaining fields (Position, City/Town, Description and Time Period). You also have the option of adding business partners/colleagues which will appear on their profile too under the Employer section.
  5. Click Add Job.
  6. Add any special Project(s) you wish to advertise to any position.  You also have the option here of adding business partners/colleagues which will be highlighted on the Employer section of their profile.

Ta Dah!  Casual visitors browsing your profile are now closer to becoming dedicated fans. 

Get linked…the better business way!

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Constant Contact: Simple Share Streamlines Social Network Marketing
May 11, 2011 5:13 PM | Tagged as Constant Contact, Facebook, social media marketing, social networks, Twitter

Social networks have become key components in business marketing. The downside is the time commitment involved in distributing information via multiple networks.  Small business owners just do not have the time to dedicate to tailoring posts for each individual social network account nor do they have the manpower available to maintain multiple social media accounts.

Constant Contact streamlines social network marketing with their new Simple Share feature.   Simple Share allows you to post emails or event invitations simultaneously on your Facebook Profile, Facebook Business Page, and Twitter feed. Notable features include customizable messages, photo/graphics additions, and targeted audience delivery.  Analytics are also available that allow you to track the number of views, likes, and shares. 

The pièce de résistance of using social networks for marketing is the viral nature of the campaigns.  Once you distribute a message or invitation within your network, it can be shared by your friends amongst their lists.  The reach is limitless.  

Looking to expand the reach of your email marketing and event advertising?  Let e-websmart personalize a promotional program just for you.  Our copywriters and graphic designers will collaborate with you to develop a targeted marketing plan that will get your business noticed.  Capitalize on the viral nature of social media and do it all with one simple email or event invitation! 

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Promotional Campaigns: A HOT topic in Social Media Marketing
May 4, 2011 1:46 PM | Tagged as Facebook, promotional campaigns, social media marketing, social networks, Twitter

Hope of capitalizing on the viral features of social networks was the impetus behind the ever more popular promotional campaigns found on Facebook, Twitter, and other similar media outlets.  Hi tech promotion building software now allows users to create interactive branded promotions that can be simultaneously published in multiple social networks and on Web sites.  The assumption is that by integrating the social media outlets business owners can reap the benefits of friend invites, activity streams and notifications. They are able to parlay social networking into increased brand awareness, growing mailing lists, generating Web site traffic, and encouraging customer feedback. It’s pure marketing genius.  The user efficiency alone justifies the process, but when you consider the potential reach of any given campaign, it’s almost a business necessity.

Promotional campaigns offer unique marketing solutions for both large and small businesses.  Users can choose to run a sweepstakes, a contest, or a give-away depending on their goals for the campaign.  Sweepstakes serve to build your mailing list, gather survey data, and build brand awareness.  Winners are chosen randomly.  Contests are a great way to solicit client testimonials and build customer loyalty.  Contests utilize a jury or audience voting to select the winner.  Give-aways offer coupons to encourage sales and drive traffic to the company’s Web site. 

Special features provide multiple opportunities for stylizing your campaign.  The degree of potential customization is directly related to the pricing structure of the various promotions.  Even at the basic level, however, users are able to upload personalized graphics and campaign-specific text.  Increased pricing offers more opportunities to benefit from the viral nature of the multiple network integrations.  Mandatory “liking” and customized newsfeeds are the hallmarks of the exclusive White Label campaigns.

Opening a new business, launching a new product, or just looking to infuse some energy into your current marketing plan?  Contact e-websmart today and let us develop a sizzling campaign to get your business noticed.



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